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Venetian blinds

Mixed colours Venetian blind

Aluminium Venetians come in 4 slat widths.

25mm (1") slats in 300+ colours with either colour matching or colour co-ordinated head and bottom rails. These are by far the most popular size available.

16mm slats in 100+ colours with either matching or colour co-ordinated head and bottom rails.

35mm slats are limited in colour range but are increasing in availablity all the time.

50mm slats also available in limited colours - although this size option is now becoming more popular. 

There are 10 colours of 25mm slat Venetians that have a woodgrain effect running through them and are called Aluwood Venetians. These are great when true wooden Venetians are not suitable to fit due to size restrictions or when the environment where they are to be fitted is unsuitable or when the weight of wooden blinds becomes an issue.

They look fantastic in their own right too!

Aluweave Venetians in 12 colours give a slightly different look to the Aluwood version.

We can offer the 25mm Venetians with the traditional raise and lower cords with a clear plastic tilt wand or the clever Ultra-wand system that allows the user to raise/lower and tilt the blind on one single mechanism. The cord can be wrapped around the wand so that it is out of reach of children or pets.

Cord free blinds also available!

The Ultra-wand system raises/lowers/tilts on one mechanism & is ideal as a Child Safety option that reduces the risk of children getting entangled. It is good for Pets for the same reason although the new Child Safe corded blinds are designed to separate if pulled by unsuoervised little hands

Top Tip! - Why not mix colours of slats in your Venetian blind? Don't just alternate single slats .... group them in 3's & 4's. You'll only be limited by your own imagination!

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Child Safety - Remove Cords From Childrens Reach!


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