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Grange Blinds and Curtains Solihull - 07850 833330 or 01564 702036

Roller blinds

Just like our Vertical blinds there are thousands of Roller blind fabrics to choose from.

We have fabrics to Diffuse, Blackout, Water-proof or are Fire-Retardant.

Roller blinds can be finished in many ways by selecting shapes for the bottom edges.


Tip! - Add different coloured trim to that of your Roller blind fabric for a more dynamic look!

Tip! - If you are unsure what colour to go for in your room, then why not try matching the colours in the floor. After all, you don't normally change the flooring nearly as often as you do the wall colours.

Top Tip! - For the very best finish to your Roller Blind, why not request that they be made 'reverse roll'. This means that the fabric runs from the front of the blind giving a far better appearance and clears any handles.


Blackout Roller Blinds

We have a wide range of blackout fabrics.

Many fabrics are both Blackout and Fire Retardant rated.


Cassetted Roller Blinds

Aluminium cassette to hide the top part of the roller blind

Option of a plain finish or with the roller fabric mounted to the front


Motorised Roller Blinds

Option of Litium battery rechareable motors and remote control upto x16 blinds

Option of Solar panels to recharge the battery


Bloc Blinds

Cassetted Roller blinds that will almost eleminate all light from the window


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Hot off the press

For 2022 -

We will be looking out for new innovations and fabrics during this coming year.

Check back from time to time to find out more!


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