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Conservatory blinds

Conservatory Blinds


Conservatories are the best way to enjoy the garden with our ever changing weather. They are a valuable extension to any home too.

Big changes in temperature are the biggest problem to solve for most people.

Most blinds types are available for Conservatories.

We can advise you on the suitability of the blinds you may be considering.

Pleated roof blinds coupled with any other type of blind on offer for the side windows and doors will help give the control over temperature by reflecting infra-red (radiated) heat away from your room.

Is stong direct sunlight perhaps your main problem?

Are the carpets or furniture fading due to damage from the Suns UV rays?

Pleated fabrics have a choice of Sun Protective Coatings know as SPC, SPF or ESP which cut harmful or damaging UV light from your conservatory.

As well as Pleated blinds there are a number of blind types that also have an optional reflective coating added to them which will give you many other blind and colour options.

The roof blinds are usually operated by a wand that clips on to each blind.

We recommend 'Perfect-fit International' Pleated Roof Blinds!

No Drilling System! - See Perfect-fit section for details.


Tip! - Don't just go for safe colours in the roof .... try a blue to mimic the summer sky!


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