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Pleated blinds

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Pleated blinds are similar fabrics to Roller blinds but are made as a pleat very much like a ladies skirt.

Pleated blinds however, move up & down like a Venetian blind. Most fabrics have the option of a special coating on the rear (the side facing the window) to help reflect light or heat or both away from the window. Some have a coating to make them blackout which is ideal for bedrooms or for the hottest of rooms due to strong direct sunlight.

Although Pleated blinds are generally marketed as a Conservatory blind option, they are in fact suitable in other areas of the home. Popular areas being the Bedrooms, Kitchen & Porch.


Fabrics are available in 20mm pleats

Also, Multi-layered Box Pleats as an alternative to give you a blind that has incredible insulation properties


Blinds types include:

  • Freehang - Fitted from the top of the blind only and are pulled up and down by a cord much the same way as a Venetian blind.
  • Sky-light - Secured at both ends of the blind with a third central bar that carries the fabric back and forth between the other two bars (rails). These are ideal for doors, rectangular conservatory roofs & Velux type windows.
  • Shaped Sky-light - Again secured both end and can be used in triangular shaped windows, sky-lights and roofs.
  • Motorised - now becoming more popular than ever before
  • Perfect-Fit Pleated - Visit the Perfect-Fit page.

All are available in both single fabric and the Box Pleat options.



Note: Pleated blinds are designed to be cooling in summer and heat saving in winter and is dependant on the type you choose.  


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